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Show: Shrek the Musical

Project: The Dragon Puppet
Broadway at Music Circus

Summer 2019    Sacramento, CA
Title: Assistant Puppet Designer

Puppet Designer: Richard Bay

Director: Glenn Castle
Production Photographer: Charlie Crail

Lighting Designer: Craig Morrison

Scenic Designer: Christian Johnson


Skills used on this Project:

  1. Ability to delegate, flexible, leadership, dedication, enthusiasm, ability to

    effectively and efficiently communicate ideas, facilitate conversation towards a productive goal, create visual sketches/ designs/ blueprints, adapt to needs of a director, armature & frame designing and building, seeing a project to the end, pattern making for puppets, wire work, thermoplastics,

  2. Proficiency in using and troubleshooting surging machines/ industrial sewing machines/ domestic sewing machines as well as hand sewing, can work with sheer/ slippery/ thick/ soft goods, independent when needed, creative collaboration between designers and other artisans

  3. Airbrushing, foam carving, use of power tools like an electric foam-cutter, electrical LED wiring, experience with barge glue, high temp glue guns, spray glue, 3D sewing techniques for puppetry and doll making, positivity, confidence to ask questions,

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